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Innovation and Technology

The Board of Innovation and Technology (Citec) promotes the technological development of industry in Rio Grande do Sul, focusing on increasing the competitiveness of its processes and developing world class products. It assists the business environment by fostering innovation in Rio Grande do Sul, encouraging cooperation between universities, companies and the government. 
Citec is guided by the following themes:
- Innovation as a connective element with new markets; 
- Promoting the industrial competence of Rio Grande do Sul and attracting investments;
- Promoting partnerships between companies and enhancing technology transfer;
- Boosting state industry through startups;
- Mobilizing state industry to opportunities in new markets;
- Interfacing to support technological development;
In line with the guidelines of the National Confederation for Industry’s (CNI) Corporate Mobilization for Innovation (MEI), CITEC participates in the agenda of structuring points needed to improve Brazil’s innovation environment, which are currently being debated and enhanced. 
These are: 
- Infrastructure and culture of intellectual property;
- Training qualified human resources;
- Improving the legal framework in support of innovation; 
- Attracting research and development (R&D) centers from foreign companies;
- Innovation and internationalization of Brazilian companies;
- Innovation and foreign trade policy;
- Innovation in SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises);
- R&D structuring projects;
- Sectoral innovation programs;
- Pre-competitive R&D Projects.
Linked to CITEC, sectoral Oil, Gas, Naval, Offshore, Defense and Security committees act to mobilize companies to business opportunities. 
Phone: +55 (51) 3347-8990
Email: citec@fiergs.org.br