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International Relations and Foreign Trade

The Board of International Relations and Foreign Trade (Concex) identifies, monitors and discusses opportunities and threats to strengthening international trade, suggesting strategic action to stimulate business development. It seeks alternatives to reduce or eliminate barriers and expand opportunities on issues related to international relations and foreign trade. 
Concex recommends strategic action and formulates positions focused on the competitiveness of the export sector. Around 95% of manufactured goods exported in the state are represented on the Board by companies and/or industry organizations. 
Among the main strategic themes addressed by Concex are: currency competitiveness, tax exemptions in foreign trade, export financing, international negotiations and free trade agreements, lowering logistical costs, reducing export and import-related bureaucracy, facilitating trade, trade defense, internationalization of companies, development policies for foreign trade. 
Thematic Groups – Address topics that require in-depth and specific discussion
- Logistics of Foreign Trade
- International Negotiations
- Trade Defense
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